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AW: 2 Questions

again, question one:
how much are you willing to spend? There's a wide range of options all the 
way in between multimedia speakers for €10 per pair up to active studio 
mains for more than you most probably can afford ;). If your price range 
is below €30, you probably won't get anything better (and probably only 
worse) than your current speakers. For the price range 30-100, I'd say you 
might get something which works ok, but I couldn't recommend anything 
specific. The €100-€200 range has some decent choices from the 
computer/multimedia world, if you can live with a 2.1 (2 
sattelites+subwoofer) setup - I'd recommend Lautsprecher Teufel 
(www.teufel.de). €200-300, you could give Behringer's active "Truth" 
monitors a listen.

question two:
Mark is of course right, not only will you be lacking proper impedance, 
but also proper level. So as he suggested, you'd need an instrument 
preamp/line driver kind of thing. Anything with a high impedance on the 
input and a low impedance on the output and some gain >1. Like your GT-6B. 
And also the idea to put the repeater in the amp's effects loop (if 
available) would work.


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> Thanks for the info.........
> Ideally, while my home stereo does work- my music room is 
> seperate from the living room, where the stereo is house, so 
> I'm looking for a seperate system. I might buy a cheap home 
> stereo if that is the best option, but I have got to believe 
> there is a better amplification system for the Repeater than 
> a home stereo. That wil remain an aoption though, for sure. 
> I've often though about trying the digital output on the 
> Repeater, but have never done
> it- maybe I will give it a whirl tonight.
> As far as the GT6-B, for now, I need to have it stay on the 
> FX loops because as you suspected, I use it a lot to affect 
> the recorded loops- once I have a MoFx this will probably 
> change, but for now I need it where it is.
> But that brings me to another question- currently, I AM 
> already running the main instrument (regardless of whether it 
> is the synth or my bass) into the back panel input on the 
> Repeater, should I be running it into the instrument input? 
> Any suggestions on a cheap DI box that will work? And if I 
> *do* put a DI box between the instrument & Repeater, will I 
> need to turn it off when playing synth instead of bass?
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> Matthew,
> regarding question #1:
> a) if your noise problem is greatly reduced when using the 
> repeater with your computer speakers in comparison to your 
> guitar amp, I'd suggest that the repeater/guitar amp 
> combination is the problem, not the repeater per se.
> The noise mod might help you to get rid of some of that noise 
> (i.e. the noise you hear when using the computer speakers), 
> but not of everything.
> For
> your home listening pleasure, I don't see any reason why 
> working with your stereo receiver would hurt. If the receiver 
> has an S/PDIF input, you might even connect your Repeater to 
> that (and avoid noise from its analogue output stages).
> b) would it be possible (from the way your playing/sound 
> editing works) to put the GT6-B before the Repeater, or would 
> you be able to adapt to using it this way? There would be two 
> advantages: first, you wouldn't have to use the Repeater's 
> instrument input, which is one of its biggest noise sources.
> Plus, any condition of your signal affecting the dynamics (for bass
> players:
> typically compression) would happen before the repeater, so 
> the compressor would not "pull up" the repeater's input noise 
> at it is currently.
> If you can't use the GT6-B before the Repeater (e.g. because 
> you use it to effect the recorded loops all the time), then 
> using a small DI to connect your bass to the rear input of 
> the Repeater will help a little.
>              Rainer
> > #1- I am mainly a Repeater user. I am currently running a 
> Roland RS-5 
> > or my bass into the Repeater, then on the FX loop of the 
> Repeater is a 
> > Boss GT6-B. Now, with this set up I can't  use my amp (GK 
> Backline 250 
> > into an Ampeg 2x10) without horrible noise issues. I know at least 
> > some of this is due to the Repeater's inherent noise 
> problem, which I 
> > will resolve in due time with the mod offered by AudioPros. In the 
> > meantime, though, I have the output of the Repeater hooked 
> to a small 
> > set of computer speakers, which seem to output the loops 
> without the 
> > same amount of background noise- but of course, being computer 
> > speakers, they don't reproduce bass or any kind of drum 
> very well. So 
> > essentially, I am just looking for *the best way to monitor my 
> > Repeater's output at home in my music room*. I am open to 
> all options 
> > people think might
> > work- would a small PA do the trick? a power amp & set of 
> monitors? A 
> > home stereo receiver & speakers ( I hooked up the Repeater 
> tomy stereo 
> > & it sounded great)? Any help would be greatly appreciated, 
> I'm going 
> > deaf from working on headphones constantly. : )
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