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Re: Hidden tracks on cd?

Yeah, I like "enhanced CDs".  The consumer is gets a worthwhile
feature that way.  And Daniel's idea regarding a puzzle to unlock the
material is also fun.  Primus delivered nicely this way on their
Rhinoplasty album.  In addition to other enhanced material there was a
video (claymation by Les Claypool) of Primus doing "The Devil Went
Down to Georgia" that could be unlocked with a password from their
website.  Great content and a good way to gain web traffic.

Regarding compatability, any time you deviate from the Red Book
standard you're asking for problems.  All CD players are not created
equal, then figure in PCs & DVD players and the unknowns pile up.  The
goal is to get the music heard, not make the listener jump through
hoops; they just won't bother.


On 4/3/06, Warren Sirota <wsirota@wsdesigns.com> wrote:
> I have to agree with Todd. Hidden tracks will make your CD less 
> with some players (probably a bigger problem in the past than now, but 
> can be sure?) The only reason that I would even consider using them 
>would be
> ro make an "enhanced CD" with video on it (and even so, if you must have
> video it might well be better to use a printed link on your cover or to 
> make a DVD).
> As usual, YMMV.
> Best wishes,
> Warren Sirota
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