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2 Questions


regarding question #1: 
a) if your noise problem is greatly reduced when using the repeater with
your computer speakers in comparison to your guitar amp, I'd suggest that
the repeater/guitar amp combination is the problem, not the repeater per 
The noise mod might help you to get rid of some of that noise (i.e. the
noise you hear when using the computer speakers), but not of everything. 
your home listening pleasure, I don't see any reason why working with your
stereo receiver would hurt. If the receiver has an S/PDIF input, you might
even connect your Repeater to that (and avoid noise from its analogue 

b) would it be possible (from the way your playing/sound editing works) to
put the GT6-B before the Repeater, or would you be able to adapt to using 
this way? There would be two advantages: first, you wouldn't have to use 
Repeater's instrument input, which is one of its biggest noise sources.
Plus, any condition of your signal affecting the dynamics (for bass 
typically compression) would happen before the repeater, so the compressor
would not "pull up" the repeater's input noise at it is currently.
If you can't use the GT6-B before the Repeater (e.g. because you use it to
effect the recorded loops all the time), then using a small DI to connect
your bass to the rear input of the Repeater will help a little.


> #1- I am mainly a Repeater user. I am currently running a 
> Roland RS-5 or my bass into the Repeater, then on the FX loop 
> of the Repeater is a Boss GT6-B. Now, with this set up I 
> can't  use my amp (GK Backline 250 into an Ampeg 2x10) 
> without horrible noise issues. I know at least some of this 
> is due to the Repeater's inherent noise problem, which I will 
> resolve in due time with the mod offered by AudioPros. In the 
> meantime, though, I have the output of the Repeater hooked to 
> a small set of computer speakers, which seem to output the 
> loops without the same amount of background noise- but of 
> course, being computer speakers, they don't reproduce bass or 
> any kind of drum very well. So essentially, I am just looking 
> for *the best way to monitor my Repeater's output at home in 
> my music room*. I am open to all options people think might 
> work- would a small PA do the trick? a power amp & set of 
> monitors? A home stereo receiver & speakers ( I hooked up the 
> Repeater tomy stereo & it sounded great)? Any help would be 
> greatly appreciated, I'm going deaf from working on 
> headphones constantly. : )