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RE: Hidden tracks on cd?

I have to agree with Todd. Hidden tracks will make your CD less compatible
with some players (probably a bigger problem in the past than now, but who
can be sure?) The only reason that I would even consider using them would 
ro make an "enhanced CD" with video on it (and even so, if you must have
video it might well be better to use a printed link on your cover or to 
make a DVD).

As usual, YMMV.

Best wishes,
Warren Sirota
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> From: Todd Pafford [mailto:calenlas@gmail.com] 
> Sent: Monday, April 03, 2006 11:51 AM
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> Subject: Re: Hidden tracks on cd?
> My suggestion for hiding tracks on a CD?  Don't.
> Let me just chime in on the side against hidden tracks.  I 
> love the tracks, but I hate the fact that they're hidden.  
> Call 'em bonus tracks and slap them on at the end.  Don't 
> make us muck about with silence at the end of an album or a 
> track that I have to rewind to before track 1.  If you don't 
> want us to hear it, don't put it on the disc.  If you do want 
> us to hear it, put it there and let us access it.  Hidden 
> tracks were cool & clever fifteen years ago.  Now, I just 
> want to listen to the music.
> Todd, feeling like a curmudgeon this morning. :)
> On 4/3/06, Andreas Wetterberg <awetterberg@post.cybercity.dk> wrote:
> > I have an autechre ep with a "pre-track" on it. If I recall 
> correctly 
> > you need to press play first, let it play for a second, and THEN 
> > rewind it. Also IIRC you can do this with CD architect, but I think 
> > you have to turn off some settings regarding red book compliance ;)
> >
> > Cheers,
> > Andreas
> >
> > jj 179 wrote:
> > > I thought if anybody would have some good ideas, it'd be 
> you guys, 
> > > so...
> > >
> > > What are your suggestions on the best way to put a hidden 
> track on 
> > > an audio cd these days?
> > >