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Re: Hidden tracks on cd?

how about an interactive dvd where you have to solve puzzels to hear the"hidden"trax?
that way only the smart folks can hear the forbidden fruit!!!lol
                                                                  scary visionary.

Todd Pafford <calenlas@gmail.com> wrote:
My suggestion for hiding tracks on a CD? Don't.

Let me just chime in on the side against hidden tracks. I love the
tracks, but I hate the fact that they're hidden. Call 'em bonus
tracks and slap them on at the end. Don't make us muck about with
silence at the end of an album or a track that I have to rewind to
before track 1. If you don't want us to hear it, don't put it on the
disc. If you do want us to hear it, put it there and let us access
it. Hidden tracks were cool & clever fifteen years ago. Now, I just
want to listen to the music.

Todd, feeling like a curmudgeon this morning. :)

On 4/3/06, Andreas Wetterberg wrote:
> I have an autechre ep with a "pre-track" on it. If I recall correctly
> you need to press play first, let it play for a second, and THEN rewind
> it. Also IIRC you can do this with CD architect, but I think you have to
> turn off some settings regarding red book compliance ;)
> Cheers,
> Andreas
> jj 179 wrote:
> > I thought if anybody would have some good ideas, it'd be you guys, so...
> >
> > What are your suggestions on the best way to put a hidden track on an
> > audio cd these days?
> >

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