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2 Questions

Hello All,

A couple quick questions, one related to an issue I mentioned on the list a
couple of months ago, one slightly off topic, but hopefully within the
bounds of acceptable discussion.....

#1- I am mainly a Repeater user. I am currently running a Roland RS-5 or my
bass into the Repeater, then on the FX loop of the Repeater is a Boss
GT6-B. Now, with this set up I can't  use my amp (GK Backline 250 into an
Ampeg 2x10) without horrible noise issues. I know at least some of this is
due to the Repeater's inherent noise problem, which I will resolve in due
time with the mod offered by AudioPros. In the meantime, though, I have the
output of the Repeater hooked to a small set of computer speakers, which
seem to output the loops without the same amount of background noise- but
of course, being computer speakers, they don't reproduce bass or any kind
of drum very well. So essentially, I am just looking for *the best way to
monitor my Repeater's output at home in my music room*. I am open to all
options people think might work- would a small PA do the trick? a power amp
& set of monitors? A home stereo receiver & speakers ( I hooked up the
Repeater tomy stereo & it sounded great)? Any help would be greatly
appreciated, I'm going deaf from working on headphones constantly. : )

#2- related, but slightly off topic- I just bought a Roland RS-5 synth.
There is no manual, and by god I think it's the first thing I've ever
encountered where the manual doesn't seem to be available anywhere on line-
I've googled myself to death looking for it. I can find a patch list, a
couple of brochures, but no manual. So if anyone has one, knows where to
get one, or is an experienced RS-5 user that wouldn't mind letting me pick
their brain, please drop me a line!

Thanks all!

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