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Re: Hidden tracks on cd?

I have an autechre ep with a "pre-track" on it. If I recall correctly 
you need to press play first, let it play for a second, and THEN rewind 
it. Also IIRC you can do this with CD architect, but I think you have to 
turn off some settings regarding red book compliance ;)


jj 179 wrote:
> I thought if anybody would have some good ideas, it'd be you guys, so...
> What are your suggestions on the best way to put a hidden track on an 
> audio cd these days?
> I'm using Sony CD Architect (though I could also use Nero I suppose). I 
> really hate the old technique of making the last song on the cd have 2-3 
> minutes of blank space at the end and then the new song starts. I'd like 
> to make it actually hidden ... i.e. you can't find it unless you know 
> where to look. So you don't just automatically hear it every time you 
> listen to the cd (like then the last track just goes on into silence and 
> then the hidden track starts).
> I'd heard of a way to do it where you put the hidden track at the 
> *first* of the cd, before you place the track marker for track 1 - that 
> way if you pressed "rewind" while listening to track one you'd back up 
> into the hidden track. That way it also wouldn't automatically play the 
> track when you're just listening to the whole album on repeat. 
> Unfortunately, when I tried that using CD Architect, the resulting cd 
> wouldn't let me rewing to before track one. Oh well, guess that didn't 
> work!
> Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
> .