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Hidden tracks on cd?

I thought if anybody would have some good ideas, it'd be you guys, so...

What are your suggestions on the best way to put a hidden track on an 
cd these days?

I'm using Sony CD Architect (though I could also use Nero I suppose). I 
really hate the old technique of making the last song on the cd have 2-3 
minutes of blank space at the end and then the new song starts. I'd like 
make it actually hidden ... i.e. you can't find it unless you know where 
look. So you don't just automatically hear it every time you listen to the 
cd (like then the last track just goes on into silence and then the hidden 
track starts).

I'd heard of a way to do it where you put the hidden track at the *first* 
the cd, before you place the track marker for track 1 - that way if you 
pressed "rewind" while listening to track one you'd back up into the 
track. That way it also wouldn't automatically play the track when you're 
just listening to the whole album on repeat. Unfortunately, when I tried 
that using CD Architect, the resulting cd wouldn't let me rewing to before 
track one. Oh well, guess that didn't work!

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.