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Re: Music is not political (Was Re: music is political)

I continue to have little patience for anyone who needs to define their 
universe as "political", because it is these folks who want everyone to 
operate on that basis, involving "deals" and "transactional 
Great for the medium of know-nothing middlemen and career politicos with 
nowhere else to go, not so great for everyone else.

Politics are always kept private until it is felt that more converts are 
required for whatever is called "the movement" right now.  Then it's all 
dumped on the rest of us as if we're somehow lacking in character or 
something for disliking political types.  Many people just don't care to 
spend the time engaging with political addicts, as it makes life a far 
satisfying thing.  On the other hand, democracy demands participation, 
such political types infest and ultimately slow down everything while 
demanding "to be heard", which usually means that what they want is for 
everyone to "think like me".  Of course if everyone thought the same there 
wouldn't be any conflict - but then again we wouldn't be human anymore, 
duplicates.  But to declare All Art is Always Political?  Such is only 
for one who thinks so, and not for most others.

As you can guess I don't think of peoples' relationships as political by 

Art is Art.  Like it?  Great.  Hate it?  Great.  It's what one does with 
such experience I think that matters - but that is not Art, but ones 
reaction to it.  So, no, Art is not Political unless it's propaganda.  
it's no longer Art, but Art Put To Use For Political Purposes, which in my 
opinion renders it corrupt and only assessible from an aspect of Style, in 
context of whatever political dross it was used to sell at the time.

I've got an old Lenin pin, sold to a friend of mine by an ex-Soviet 
on the streets of St. Petersburg in the early 90s.  In the US wearing such 
thing is more of a fashion blip than anything else.  If I wore it in the 
anytime near May 1, I'd be thought to be a Socialist/Anarchist/whatever, 
Communism with a less-unhappy Face IMNSHO.  If one is making Art that is 
specification Political, at the least what one is doing is making 
Art, aka Propaganda for Political Purposes.

And that's all I'll say about it.

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> mark sottilaro wrote:
>> I'd pretty much say that non lyrical music has no
>> intrinsic political qualities.  I dare you to gleen a
>> message from any of my music.  Don't bother, there
>> isn't one.
> Any art is always political...
> Usually very conservative politicians want to claim that art should not 
> political, and deliver some examples, which show that these examples are 
> political in their sense. (aka not asking the wrong questions...)
> Which is very political!!!
> And every artist should be aware of the posibility of this sort of 
> political abuse.
> If you are not aware of it, it might be political in the wrong direction.
> Remember "Entartete Musik" and you know what politics can be about, you 
> can't escape it.
> Stefan
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