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Re: semi OT first Thomas Dolby tour in ages

There's a good little cafe across the street that's
pretty inexpensive.  I ate there before I saw Mike
Doughty at the Independent and it struck me as a
decent place to get dinner coffee and just hang.

I can't help you with the Mind's Eye soundtrack.  I
think it disappeared with an ex girlfriend who liked
it more than I did.


--- "loop.pool" <looppool@cruzio.com> wrote:

> Mark Sottilaro wrote:
> "Hey, I'm going to be there.  If other loopers are
> going maybe we could meet up at the Cafe across the
> street and have a coffee or something?"
> I'd love to get together, Mark, and I have my
> tickets.
> You know the city,   where should we meet and when?
> While we are at it:     does anyone on this list
> have the Thomas Dolby CD
> that he put out for the movie "The Minds Eye".
> The title track on that CD is haunting me and I
> can't find it anywhere,
> would anyone who has it be so kind as to contact me
> offlist.
> I'd love to trade some of my music (or some of my
> compilations of Abstract 
> Electronica
> or World Music) for a high quality copy of that song
> on CD or online.
> My email address is   
> rickwalker(at)looppool(dot)com
> Thanks,
> Rick Walker 

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