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Re: semi OT first Thomas Dolby tour in ages

Mark Sottilaro wrote:
"Hey, I'm going to be there.  If other loopers are
going maybe we could meet up at the Cafe across the
street and have a coffee or something?"

I'd love to get together, Mark, and I have my tickets.
You know the city,   where should we meet and when?

While we are at it:     does anyone on this list have the Thomas Dolby CD
that he put out for the movie "The Minds Eye".

The title track on that CD is haunting me and I can't find it anywhere,
would anyone who has it be so kind as to contact me offlist.
I'd love to trade some of my music (or some of my compilations of Abstract 
or World Music) for a high quality copy of that song on CD or online.

My email address is    rickwalker(at)looppool(dot)com

Rick Walker