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Vedr. Re: Guitars, Loopers and Filter Factory Queens

what if the filter goes into the repeaters fx-loop,and the the repeater is in the fx-loop of the amp?
Rune f

a k butler <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk> skrev:

>The Filter Factory/Queen (FFQ) works best at
>line levels so Electrix recommends that folks put it in the effects loops of
>their amps. But the looper comes before the amp, natcherly.

is it not possible that you put both the filter and the looper in the FX loop?

>So...for folks who play guitar and put their FFQ's before their loopers, how
>do you boost the signal of your guitar to nominal levels for the FFQ inputs?

I don't have the Filter Queen , but still need to
amplify the guitar to line level.
I've been using an ADA MP-1 valve/transistor guitar preamp lately.
Does good clean pre-amping, or interesting distortions.
:-( but perhaps not as cheap as you'd like
(don't know though, mine cost 100 in GB, so you
might find one v. reasonably in US).