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Re[2]: stutter in a pedal

At 11:47 PM +0300 3/31/06, Denis 'Diz' Loskutnikov wrote:
>Friday, March 31, 2006, 3:40:11 PM, you wrote:
>m> Excellent first post!
>Thank you! I worried if my English is understandable :-)

Perfectly understandable.  Don't worry about a thing!

>m> The only other tweek I'd been seeking in this kind of pedal was 
>possibly a
>m> "polarity" for the momentary switch -- one setting passes signal 
>normally and
>m> mutes when pressed, while the other mutes the output constantly and
>m> only passes the signal when pressed.
>There is this tweak, off the shelf and in much elegant way.... [*snip*]
>To put it simple, each successive press on Toggle will change state of 
>and each press on Hold will change it to inverse state - until

Ah, subtle and elegant -- accomplishing two tasks with one function. 
Very nice!

And, to echo Simeon's question, are you going to be producing these 
for the general market?  If  so, how much would you like to charge?



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