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Re: Radial (was: Re: Comparison chart of looping devices published)

Logically it makes sense to dismiss something like
Radial as a "Looper" in this context.  If you let it
in the list, you'd have a huge list!  All samplers
have a loop ability... are they "Loopers" in the sense
that we are talking about them here?  I've done really
cool things with LiSa, but even though it allows you
to capture audio and loop it, I still think it's more
in the realm of sampler than looper.  I can loop an
audio file using Peak.  Is it a looper?  No.


--- 3nki <3nki@modaldub.net> wrote:

> does a "looper" have to catch live
> audio? i never thought so. perhaps a "live looper"
or "real-time
> looper"?

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