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Re: how to blow up your equipment

that is unfortunate...its one reason all my gear is battery powered and mobile.its a shame that i cant use the cool tools that dont have this capacity for battery use.if only the dl4 had a 1000 second delay time and feedback controll i would have all i need...
                      luck & good fortune,
                                                 very scary.
Zoe Keating <cello@zoekeating.com> wrote:
well, a couple days ago I did just about the worst thing you can do
to your gear....I blew it up! in a stupid, jetlagged moment that I
won't go into, I plugged my US gear into a UK socket.

POOF!! crackle. blue smoke.

I realized immediately what I'd just done and cut the power. But it
was too late. Luckily I mostly fried the adaptors, and I'm hoping I
can replace them when I get back to the US. Some of the gear though,
like the Rane SM82, have the most ridiculous adaptors (a phone
plug???) and I had to replace them with substitute UK gear. The
FCB1010 is dead and gone, but I got another and spent the hour before
the show reprogramming it.

But...and this made me so happy that I couldn't care less about the
other gear...

The Repeaters are intelligent and take US or European power. THEY ARE
FINE!! Made me so happy that I didn't mind dropping 250 pounds on the
rest of the gear. Hooray for my beloved Repeaters. Let me compose and
ode to them....

Anyway, I learnt my lesson! Thought I'd pass that little story on to

loopily, Zoe

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