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Re: FCB 1010-Tc2290-and-Repeater

claude voit wrote:
> all the "Real"  and fantastic loppers/musicians that you can interact 
> with on this Looper-delight web site have read all their manuals from 
> bottom to top and back, 

I'm dyslexic, and have great difficulty reading manuals - hence I don't 
bother picking up the manual unless really necessary. Am I not "Real"?

> they know every midi trick from heart, dream of 
> vcf curves, sysex checksum, and drop down menus every night.

I have no clue as to what you are talking about. :)

> so do you want to join the "A" looper VIP club ?

I never realised such a thing existed. If educated knowledge of vcf 
curves, sysex checksums and drop down menu's is a required necessity, 
then I think I'd prefer to be in the other club.

> From: rune fagereng
> Hi !

Hi Rune!
> I have just bought FCB1010 midi-pedalboard, the Repeater, and a TC 2290 
> delay. All this gear and midi are new to me. I hope to use the FCB to 
> controll the Repeater and the TC.

I can't help you with setting up your Repeater or 2290, but the FCB1010 
editor utility at http://www.mtnsys.com/faq-fcb/PCEditor.htm might make 
your life easier for programming the pedalboard.

- Stuart Wyatt http://swyatt.com