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Re:Quick question about Vortex

At 22:42 26/03/06, you wrote:
>Am I right... after having Vortex for years, I try to dial up a DRY 
>patch (so that I can morph in and out of the wet one) and I discover 
>that Vortex is stereo in... but mono out!!! as in I am feeding its 
>stereo, but after creating a dry patch with mix hard to dry, my thru 
>sound is only coming out left!!! Surely it hasnt been like this all 
>these years? Have I got a dodgy cable? Or a new set of ears???/

the Vortex straight thru patch works here stereo>> stereo

so the possible causes are:-

1) only one of your inputs is actually providing signal to the 
Vortex, and that the vortex processing usually hides this.

2) Make sure that the straight thru patch has mix =1 and output =64

3) You've found one of the Vortex bugs. These occur when certain 
presets are loaded into certain registers, usually if an A preset is 
loaded to a B register. Or 1-8 is loaded to 9-16. ...but I've not 
encountered particular result before. So that's not likely, but would 
be cured by choosing a different preset to start from.

andy butler
www.andybutler.com home of the Vortex