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Re: Quick question about Vortex

The Vortex's stereo behavior depends on the patch you're using.  Some of the patches route in ways that'll sum the stereo field or include cross-overs.  My guess is that you're turning the Mix down on a patch based on ShadowA?  It seems to be the only patch that exhibits the behavior you described.  I guess it's dumb luck you picked the one patch that behaves this way.  I just ran through most of the patches on my Vortex, turning the Mix down on each one and they all worked in true stereo except ShadowA.  (To be honest the routing diagram in the Vortex manual for ShadowA has me scratching my head and none of the routing diagrams show how the Mix parameter figures in.)

Anyway, try a different preset for the clean sound and you should be alright.  Remember that a patch based on any preset can be stored in any of the user settings; e.g. a patch based on AtmosphereB can be stored in the user preset corresponding to ShadowA if you want to set up for a morph into ShadowB.


On 3/26/06, INFO at mark francombe <mark@markfrancombe.com> wrote:
Am I right... after having Vortex for years, I try to dial up a DRY patch (so that I can morph in and out of the wet one) and I discover that Vortex is stereo in... but mono out!!! as in I am feeding its stereo, but after creating a dry patch with mix hard to dry, my thru sound is only coming out left!!! Surely it hasnt been like this all these years? Have I got a dodgy cable? Or a new set of ears???/
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