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Re: Filter Factory


     How do I use my Filter Factory?  Like you I run aux sends or sub outs 
from my Mackie (used to
be a 1604 or 3204, now a 24-8) first into the Mo-FX then into the FF, and 
back into two channel
strips on the Mackie, (if I were you, I'd not send the Mo/FF to the rang, 
but send another clean
sub or aux to the 'Rang).  I do the same with stereo sends and returns for 
both the Repeater and
the Vocoder separately.  Are you having problems with sound quality?  Or 
just concerned about the
amount of real estate it is taking up?  One thing to be sure to check is 
that you have the Mo-FX
set to "Auto" not "Thru" or else you will have a latency loop.  I use the 
delay mix set to "100",
then the Filter Factory I set to somewhere around 50/50 wet/dry.  I hardly 
ever use the Flanger
(way too harsh sounding to my ear) or the tremolo (not much need for it) 
and only sometimes the
distortion (about 5% of the time).  I've got a photo of my setup here:



>> stephen.....i have a ff also but i have been disapointed  in it.....how 
>do you use
your's?.....i may be using mine "incorrectly"......it was in the aux send 
of my mackie 1202 going
to my mo-fx (all i use on this is the delay/looper) into the ff then out 
to my rang.....i've taken
it out of my signal chain altogether as of late.....i'm looking at it now 
and it looks kool with
its brothers and sisters mofx-warpfactory-filterfactory but all i use as i 
have said is the delay
on the mo-fx.....its like a "retro" stage prop with all the knobs and 
lites, can't have enuf of
those!.....mic <<

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