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Re: what DOES a damned loop has to say?

Good question... I wish I knew! Sometimes the damndest things have meaning
to *someone* and far be it for me to deny them their experience. I pick and
judge right along with everyone else, so yes I have favorites. Without
*narrative*, does anyone really have an answer to your question? It's all
subjective, innit? -Miko

> ...And we may as well ask 'what does any piece oif music have to say?'
> Nik

>> Right on Duncan!
>> I find it interesting that in this group, and other 'academic' groups
>> ba-newmus, that musicians who actually allow their sexuality,
>> high-spirited-ness, impulsiveness and idomatic ideas to have somewhat
>> reign---right alongside their anal-itical, quasi-intellectual, academic
>> qualities---get judged as boneheads.

>> These are all qualities that define us as human right? Is it that
>> embarrassing to actualy admit it, or are we trying to selectively
>> to a state where those qualities have fallen by the wayside? I don't
>> to lose those qualities, and in fact cherish them as 'quality of life'
>> factors. Do we really need to practice such denial, to prove we're
>> intelligent beings? I'll definitely take an order of greasy fries, along
>> with that wheatgrass juice Dilbert!

>> Miko Biffle