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re: *First Post* need advice on midi sync looper

What Aaron said.  If you want a looper that chases a
moving clock, the Repeater is king.  Also, you can do
the inverse of having the tempo change and pitch stay
the same, and move the pitch around.  Shame your only
chance of buying one is the used market, but such is
the looper market right now.

--- Dan Ash <Daniel.Ash@Verizon.net> wrote:

> Welcome to the list -Aaron -
>  >>I want a device that will loop audio, quantized,
> in sync with a midi 
> time clock.
> If the midi clock speeds up (tempo) the looper will
> speed up too(and 
> rise in pitch).<<
> I'd think you would want the pitch to *not* change
> when the midi clock 
> signal speeds up. This allows transitions of all the
> sync'd instruments 
> together, and frees you to make incremental time
> changes without 
> worrying about what 'key' you're now in. I suspect
> the fretless guitar 
> players would be able to navigate these waters, but
> I'd have a little 
> trouble with every slight tempo change.
> To answer you're question about the Repeater, I have
> had mine for about 
> a year.  I'm always sync'd to some device or other,
> and  it's pretty 
> stable.  I have had instances when I've had to power
> down and restart, 
> but tend to blame the 'upstream' instruments -
> clocking device, CC data 
> from a foot controller, etc.  I should mention that
> during performance, 
> if you slow the tempo dramatically, your loops will
> take on a grainy 
> quality - even new tracks laid over the existing
> ones.  Sometimes 
> starting a 'fresh' loop is the only way to get rid
> of that.  I haven't 
> seen comments about this 'feechur' on the list
> before.  Maybe that 
> should be a separate thread.
> The Repeater worked flawlessly Friday night in my
> first public looping 
> gig with Kim Galibert and Hot Bitch Arsenal.  Boy
> was that fun!
> Dan Ash
> White Plains, NY

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