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Invitation and Video Performance: Two Nights in Framingham April 1,2

Hi folks,

I'll be doing a Video Performance with Immersions on April 2, and my 
wife and I will be having a party (potluck dinner and DVD screening) 
on April 1.


The  Immersions event will occur on Sunday April 2, at 8 PM at the 
Amazing Things Arts Center, 44 Nicholas Road, Framingham MA. Phone 

This performance will feature the core group, Dean Stiglitz on flute 
that doesn't like one, Ramona Herboldsheimer (exquisite hammered 
dulcimer textures), and myself, on video that sure as %^&* doesn't 
look like TV.

We will be performing improvisations in which the music and video 
interact and build off each other.

Admission is $8 (advance) , or $10 (door).

Doctor T had been performing improvised projections to music since 
1974, His flowing visual improvisations blend realism and 
abstraction. He mixes DVDs Containing original video and animations 
culled from 35 years of image-making, using  multiple video mixers 
controlled with a Midi percussion controller. 

Dean Stiglitz is a flautist, composer, flute-maker , inventor, and 
synthesist. He improvises  on a hybrid flute-synthesizer system that 
he has created using an embedded microphone and a custom patched 
modular synthesizer.

Ramona Herboldsheimer is a delightfully intuitive performer on 
amplified hammered dulcimer.   Dean and Ramona are long standing 
members of The Lothars.


My wife Marya and I will be reviving a family tradition and 
celebrating All Fool's Day with a potluck 'Fool's Feast' (No 

The dining festivities will start  at 6PM. Later in the evening, I'll 
be showing two DVD's culled from my live performances during 2005, 
"The Space Broom Experiment" and "Immersions 2005". I just might have 
finished the DVD's by this time, in which case this will be a DVD 
release party as well.

Come celebrate your inner fool!  RSVP for directions.

"Once the search is in progress, something will be found"  

-- Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt

                Emile Tobenfeld, Ph. D.
Video Producer                  Image Processing Specialist
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