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Re: what a loop has to say

> From: "Dennis Montgomery" <morpheus@speakeasy.net>
>  How are others doing this?  Before you start building a loop, do you 
> a preconceived idea of what the loop should express or do you just let 
> sound of the loop guide you?

For me, my looping is purely organic - I have no conception of the piece 
that is about to be performed.... (it simply creates itself)... I normally 
keep the backing loops very minimalistic. If you keep the canvas minimal, 
allows for much a much more complex evolution of the piece (if that makes 

It is only recently that I have really started to use effects. I do 
keep my effects limited. I have an octave/compressed double bass pizzicato 
sound, ring modulation (when plucked, creates drum sounds), a couple of 
flanged/phased patches and of course tap-tempo delay. There are other 
patches that I'm working on though. Each effect patch turns the violin 
a relatively different instrument.

For some reason, I've never post-effected loops. I like to keep the 
pure (what goes in, comes out).

I posted a snippet of my first successful jam using effects and Mobius the 
other day at http://swyatt.com/mp3/2006/130306-02.mp3 - its not as organic 
as I wanted it to be though, as I'm still trying to program the FCB1010 to 
operate the way that I want it to....
Stuart Wyatt - http://swyatt.com