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Re: what a loop has to say

Believe me, there have been times when I've just closed the loop, and found
such a dire, dark thing before me I nearly had to flee! I'm not talking
about a flawed loop with a mistake or anything--but rather something 
unexpected and unique--challenging me to understand it and add to it

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On Mar 16, 2006, at 8:14 PM, tEd  kiLLiAn wrote:
>> I make no judgment on others (or you in particular) for being another
>> way. Actually, I feel that I am the one who is deficient here. I would
>> love to be able to sit down on my guitar stool and think in the
>> abstract . . . okay, I am now going to evoke . . . spring, a sunny
>> day, lost innocence, memories of whatever . . . lost love, my dog, my
>> truck, my doughnut, heheheh. Really!

> I don't think you are being deficient at all. I think the desire to
> apply a referenced "meaning" to a loop outside of the music is fine, no
> judgment here either. But is the application/explanation of meaning
> really what the music is about? If you are using lyrics it is one
> thing. Lyrics reference the word-based meaning directly. But your lack
> of desire to apply meaning to the abstract (your instrumental music),
> my dear friend Ted, is...anything but deficient. If anything, I think
> it is being more true to the music, by allowing the music to be itself
> and to present itself to others on its own terms free of applied
> meaning that might not only be meaningless to the audience, but even
> take away from the experience... But now, of course, we get on to the
> eternal discussion of programmatic versus absolute music... -Jeff

> Jeff Kaiser
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