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Re: what a loop has to say


Regarding this whole verbal/musical brain schizm, if you're deficient
then so am I.  When truly involved with the music my verbal processes
shut down almost completely.  I don't think it's uncommon really.


On 3/16/06, tEd (r) kiLLiAn <tedkillian@charter.net> wrote:
> My music (at least while I'm doing it) isn't about expressing something
> that can be expressed in any other way (at the time). It's about
> discovery, about finding a new path and (as corny and pompous assed as
> it may sound) it's about expressing what seems to be inexpressible. I'm
> finding out as I'm doing it.
> ...
> I can really only give titles to things after the fact, if there
> happens to be a recording. When I'm doing it (actually performing), the
> verbal part of my brain better be totally turned off or a true musical
> "train wreck" is certain to ensue.
> ...
> It only seems to happen "in the moment" for me. A part of my brain must
> be broken. That's all I can say. I admire the heck out of anyone who
> can think of something beforehand and "express" it musically. I can't
> do it. I've tried too many years and have finally learned what I'm
> sortta good and what I'm not very good at at all.
> ...
> The musical part of my brain cannot operate while my verbal part is
> going. So, as far as the title of this thread goes, "what a loop has to
> say" I'd have to say I need to hear it first, and think about it a
> while (maybe even sleep on it) -- then I may have some vague idea.
> Otherwise, I ain't got a clue.