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Re: (Sheet Music for) Bill Frisell's ("Strange Meeting")

Do you have any of his work with Paul Motion? I still need to pick that up...hard to find.
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Subject: Re: (Sheet Music for) Bill Frisell's ("Strange Meeting")

I'm a pretty big Bill fan and seen three times live - the most recent was in Erie, PA this past May with the Unspeakable Orchestra.
Shy?  Hell, yes.  I think at all the concerts he said about three words other than introducing the band.  I got backstage at concet #2 (art gallery in Buffalo w/ tony schear and joey baron ) and got a few more words out of him but joey was a riot.
Bill's pretty mellow - not sure if it's from too much pot or what; in a few interviews I've read he does come across as rather articulate - maybe he puts an effort into them...
I've got about 2 dozen of his cd's - either as leader, co-leader, or a guest.  My favourites are probably "Have A Little Faith" and "This Land" (which have the same players on them and I've always viewed them together as a double album) but he had a really great run of Nashville, Gone Just Like a Train and Good Man Happy Dog.  The recent live album - East West - is also a keeper.
ted harms.

Kevin <kevin@TheNettles.com> wrote:
At 09:37 PM 3/15/2006, you wrote:
>Bill actually talked on a video?

Well, he tries to. When words fail him, he continues the explanation
on the guitar, where his true voice is.

Have you seen him live? Live performance is when he's at his best.


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