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Re: MySpace for Loopers

i think myspace works best on safari or firefox - that may account for the
broken bit. but as for it sucking....

i know people who have a large percentage of their fan base sourced thru
myspace. can be a great networking tool if you get yourself out there - 
out friend requests to like minded people, and your little network grows

on 15/3/06 11:03 AM, mark sottilaro at zerocrossing2001@yahoo.com wrote:

> I signed up, but frankly I don't get it.  Seems like
> it sucks and is mostly broken.  I can't seem to figure
> out how to upload music... I guess I really don't
> care.  Find me here and find my music at
> zerocrossing.net
> --- Richard Roberts <zeroohms@surfbest.net> wrote:
>> Well, I'm there as well, and I'm not too sure why,
>> either…yet.
>> Richard Roberts
>> "We are no longer the same after hearing certain
>> sounds, and this is
>> more the case when we hear organized sounds, sounds
>> organized by  
>> another human being: music."
>> - Karlheinz Stockhausen
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