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Re: Old Lurker, New Poster.....

> quite sophisticated "for Boise," but I've learned in putting together 
> this event that Boise is no more or less progressive in terms of folks 
> playing experimental, avant-garde, or free improv music than any other 
> place, relative to the population...that would be a comment in light 
> of per capita stats.  There a lot of folks coming out of the woodwork 
> playing music I never thought existed here. I just needed to provide a 
> major venue to bring them together.

This is so true. When first starting our series/festival in Ventura, CA 
in the late 80s, I was quite surprised to see the people also "coming 
out of the woodwork" to both perform and listen (That is how I met Ted 
Killian). Another friend in Bakersfield, CA (known for oilfields and 
agriculture) started running a series a few years ago....and people 
come out to hear and participate. Performers and audience are out 
there, it is just a matter of connecting...and it sounds like you've 
done it in Boise. Very cool. I think this is so important, for the 
evolution of culture, to get rid of the myth that art can only be done 
on a high level in the "big cities" Such as NYC, LA, and  SF. It can be 
done anywhere.

The Loopers-Delight list seems to have many members who prove this 

Is this OT now...? My apologies...


Jeff Kaiser
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