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Re: Hardware Sequencer Suggestions

you can direct acces the 16 "sections" of the RM1x by small sys ex 

f0 43 7e 00 10 7f f7  means switch to next section (quantized at bar or 
f0 43 7e 00 04 7f f7 is switch to section 5

rm1x is very tight and can be master or slave to midiclock and send the 
whole start,stop continue kit

if you have the right footcontroler it is excellent

it even has some very workable sound sets


> I'll check it out. Seems the suggestions are definately capable for what
> I need. Getting control of loop changes via footswitch is the question
> now. I'll read up on this one though. Thanks.
> On Wed, Mar 08, 2006 at 07:38:11PM +0100, Andreas Wetterberg wrote:
>> Hi Rick. I'd definitely recommend the Yamaha rm1x. It's definitely a fun
>> sequencer.
>> a.