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Re: Fun with Mobius!

Count me in too ;-)
This SW has changed my vision of music, I left the band I was in and now 
to work on a solo project.
Mobius is so much fun. I just bought a Jamman so I don't have to boot the 
for a 5' jam but it's not 10% of the fun I have with Mobius.

Cool support from Jeff, too.


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From: "Doug Cox" <dougcox@pdq.net>
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Subject: Re: Fun with Mobius!

> Count me in this group as well!!
> I'm running Mobius on an IBM Thinkpad T40, and it's working perfectly.
> The first implementation of pitch shifting is released in Mobius now, 
> it's very cool.  My practice sessions are now aimed at narrowing down to 
> set of techniques that I like within Mobius.  Having multiple EDP's (w/ 
> pitch shifting!) is like a dream come true - but it presents it's own 
> challenges in the realm of control.
> Doug
> Stuart Wyatt wrote:
>> I've been trying to set up a computer based looping setup for the past 
>> month or so which will allow me to loop without thinking too much about 
>> the hardware involved. Initially, I started on Ambiloop, then 
>> SooperLooper for OSX (on my old trusty ibook, then using Linux on an 
>> PC laptop).... I was plagued with problems - mainly due to my 
>> equipment, and lack of latency correction (very noticable when 
>> overdubbing rhythmic passages)
>> On Friday, I gave up and reverted back to using two echo pro's after 
>> 'jack' kept crashing on the ibook, and the PC linux laptop was just too 
>> slow to do anything with.
>> For some reason, I decided to give Mobius another chance and installed 
>> on my desktop PC, and was blown away with how easy it was to set up the 
>> latency correction and assign Midi commands from the FCB1010! I was 
>> looping hands-free within about 5 minutes!
>> The interface is simple and concise... and it worked flawlessly!!!
>> Using my desktop PC for now means that I cannot take the rig out for 
>> gigs, but if I sell my Echo Pro's and filter pro, then I might have 
>> enough for a decent(ish) PC laptop.... :)
>> Are there many loopers here that use Mobius as their main looping 


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