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Re: OT: Need help finding a jazz recording

Hey Rick,

I have a copy of that record and it is indeed fabulous and very hard to 
find. Technically it is still a quartet record because McLaughlin and 
Corea don't appear on the same tracks. That version of "Follow Your 
Heart" is pretty special, one of the loosest and grooviest 11/8's ever, 
we used to cover it in the band. I can burn you a copy and send it to 
you. The only catch is that I'm leaving to go on tour Tuesday morning, 
and have about 2.5 million things to do between now and then. If it's 
urgent, let me know and I'll definitely make time to do it.

On Sunday, March 5, 2006, at 09:48 PM, loop.pool wrote:

> Oooops,   mispelling.
> The self titled Joe FarreLL Quartet record on CTI records came out in 
> 1970.
> It bosted this rather stellar musical cast:
> Chick Corea, John McLaughlin, Dave Holland and Jack DeJohnette (and 
> yes, that does make it a quintet
> not a quartet).
> If you don't know Farrell's work (he died too young in 1986)  take a 
> listen
> to Chick Coreas' first two Return to Forever recordings for ECM 
> records.
> This band was amazing and represented Corea's work before he started 
> the
> rather cheesy (in my estimation) later electric incarnations of that 
> band.
> Some amazing trapset drumming by Airto Moreira and, of course, the 
> incomparable
> Brazilian vocalist, Flora Purim on those first RTF records.
> So,  I'm looking for the JOE FARRELL QUARTET album on CTI records.