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Magazine Watch...

Surprised nobody else has bird-dogged these yet, but...

There's a four-page spread specifically on Looping, starting page 62 
in the February 2006 (#96) issue of UK's Computer Music magazine. 
It's currently on the stands now in the US, but we get it a month 
behind the Brits.  More on the magazine at 

As is their typical writing style, the first two pages are dedicated 
to the background and explanation of the technique, while the last 
two are a guided tutorial showing you how to do it yourself.

The Looping overview is pretty good, incorporating a brief history as 
well as some useful basic techniques for which Looping is used and a 
boxout on recommend listening.  Not only is there a prominent mention 
of Looper's Delight in the overview section, but there's even a 
thumbnail graphic of the LD homepage (FYI side-note to Kim: you 
really can't read a darn thing on the webpage if it's shrunk down -- 
other than the fact that you're a supporter of Sonic Foundry).

The tutorial actually uses Loopy Llama ( 
http://www.rekliner.com/?PageID=14 ) from our own Chris Kline. 
There's also a boxout on free Looping software available on the net 
which features, amongst others, blurbs on Jeff Larson's Mobius ( 
http://www.zonemobius.com ), the aforementioned Loopy Llama, and 
Expert Sleepers' Meringue ( http://www.expertsleepers.co.uk ).  They 
include a side-mention of Os' Augustus Loop as well, but since the 
focus of the boxout is "free software" I don't think they could 
really focus on that one in particular.

And in other magazine news, the current issue of Musicworks (Issue 
93, Fall 2005) has a very nice two-column review of the Ambient Ping 
events frequently posted here.  More information on the magazine is 
available at http://www.musicworks.ca , while you can find out more 
on the Ping at http://www.ambientping.com


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