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Re: Do I need that EDP?

Wow!  Thanks to EVERYONE for all the input!  All your comments have been 
inserted  into my mental mix.

I hadn't heard about either the Looperlative or Mobius before and I'll 
definitely do some more research.  I spend so much time in front of the 
damn computer screen as it is though that I hate the thought of turning 
music into yet another desktop task any more than it has to be, so I am 
going to be primarily looking at the dedicated devices.

Thanks again, and it's nice to meet you all!


--- Per Boysen <per@boysen.se> wrote:

> Yes, judged by functionality the EDP is The King.

Unless, of course, your functionality consists of
wanting to loop stereo... or more than a single track
or time/pitch shift your loops in real time, or...
well there's as much it doesn't do as what it does do
in the world of looping I imagine, though it does do a
lot.  If it does what you want, then indeed it is your
king.  If it doesn't it just seems like an expensive
piece of gear in your rack.  Takes all kinds.


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