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Re: using different outputs on repeater

> On 26 feb 2006, at 23.18, rune fagereng wrote:
>> Hi !
>> Can anyone tell me; is it possible to use the repeater in my amps  
>> fx-loop,
> On 27 feb 2006, at 09.38, Per Boysen wrote:
> Don't know your amp, but if it has a matching level/impendence you  
> should be able to put the repeater into that fx-loop. Depending on  
> the type of your effect send you may, or you may not, run the  
> repeater in "no direct output" mode.


I think the "no direct output" function actually is called "Mute  
Input Signal" or something like that, in the Repeater manual. I  
always muted the input signal and used my Repeater in an effect  
chain, very much due to the latency of the 'direct through signal'  
when you plug your signal into the front input.

Greetings from Sweden

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