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mr hansen is at it again!.....received INTERIOR SPACE and have been giving it a listen over the last two daze.....the longer tunes contain nugets-o-gold, the last several shorter tunes 3-4 min. are wonderful!.....it's been a joy to listen to a bit of scott's "history" musically, he has been true to his school i'll tell ya!.....wacky guitar and all sorts of sounds, GREAT timbre(s), some nice patches of drum machine, HOW CRAZY IS THAT! and a mellow sensitive guy type tune....WOW.....and even the sound of "children".....it's all hear!.....be proud play it loud!.....madcap terrific grfx and packaging, a collectable i'm very happy to add to my HsAcNoStEtN GALLERY!.....thanks scott, one comin at ya post haste.....:)mic