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RE : Boomerang sampler

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I love my 'Rang too, it sounds a bit "darker" than the EDP,
so having both allows me to use different types of sounds,
it is very easy to use, I never had a problem setting up levels, 
and Mike Nelson always replies quickly to emails;
the only "but" I have is the delay/feedback is not as good as the EDP
and it cannot be adjusted dynamically like on the EDP,
but ratio price/quality is great;
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In a message dated 2/26/06 7:30:20 AM, rune_fagereng@yahoo.no writes:

Is the Boomerang a god buy, regarding looping ? 

the rang has several levels off feedback.....at 100% nothing goes away, the loop continues to build.....then you have several more settings that have less and less repeats, from something like 12-15 all the way down to slapback, i.e. 1 repeat.....also the ability to have it go down an octave, third, fourth etc. is of great use.....the rang is the simplest looper to use, if set properly it will sound quite good (gain).....give mike nelson at boomerang music an e-mail, he had some buggie rangs that he was getting rid of for an excellent price.....the bug was nothing to really be concerned about, it only happened when you made a really looong loop and this seldom happens.....I LOVE MY RANG!.....:)mic