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Re: web hosting for loopers?

I've been using www.monsterhosting.ca and have been real happy with them, I got about 250mb disk space and 25gb of band with for 5.00 a month. They've been real quick to answer any questions and even have sent me a few emails to check on that I'm pleased....
the package I have (which is their smallest)  reads:
250 MB Disk Space
[]25 GB Monthly Transfer Limit
[]30 Day Guarantee
[]99% Uptime Guarantee
[]24/7 Customer Service
[]Unmetered Email Accounts
[]Unmetered Mailing Lists
[]Unmetered Add-on Domains
[]Unmetered Sub Domains
[]Unmetered MySQL Databases
[]Unmetered FTP Accounts
[]Free Email Marketing Tools
[]Free Website Migration
[]Free Shared SSL Certificate

They also offer a discount if you pay by the year.
I've used mine to host not only my own web site but also my wife's and my son's with their own domain names. www.haslem.ca

All the best,

Paul Haslem
Ontario, Canada

At 09:06 AM 2/25/2006, you wrote:

Looking to create a web site to upload some of my
current mp3 loops to. I had a personal site many years
ago but things have changed a lot. The info I'm
receiving from my research is a bit daunting.
     Quite a few of you have your own sites. Any
recomendations? I'm not looking for freebies
(insufficient file size upload, no mp3, etc...) + not
looking to break the bank either.
     I'm guessing the way to go is to register my
domain name at "go daddy" (stupid name) seperately.
Any feedback on how/where to proceed from there?

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