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Re: what to use for record rehearsals and gigs ?

I've been using the M-Audio Microtrack 24/96 for a few weeks now 
(recommended by Tom Richford). I love it. It is ridiculously small for a 
solid state recorder, records to wav or MP3, in various frequencies or bit 
rates. I has a stereo mini mic plug in, phantom power, plus two 1/4 inch 
balanced inputs. It uses a compact flash card as well. I bought a 2GIG 
for mine which can record 24 hours of MP3s in 192 bit rate, or over 3 
of wav files.  I've only used it with the mic so far, recording my 
Monday traditional jazz gig, and I'm impressed with the quality so far. I 
have yet to use the direct inputs, but hope to soon.  What I like about it 
the most is that I just connect the unit to my PC via USB and drag the wav 
or MP3 files to my computer to edit.

If you get it, be sure to go to the website and download the new firmware.


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From: rune fagereng
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Subject: what to use for record rehearsals and gigs ?

Hi !

Does anyone have clues on what to buy for recording loop-gigs and 

Have anyone used the

Or IRiver IFP 799 ?

Tell me, are the dat-recorders outdated ?

Rune F, Norway

a k butler <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk> skrev:

>But here is the big advice from what I have learned: If one is
>trying to create the "sounds" of drums, be that of kick snare,
>hi-hat etc. , then you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

Hi Max,
While I agree wholeheartedly that your approach is a good way to go,
I have to disagree that it's all that hard to emulate sounds that are
close enough to a drum kit to function in the same way.

represents what I found possible using a cheap multi-FX
(though like you, I mostly make percussive sounds just by playing 

To emulate a kick drum, using technique (& maybe FX) is a lot of fun,
and also leads to the discovery of a whole range of sounds.
...not "disappointment" ;-) , well not for me anyway.

> The sounds coming off the gtr really do not sound like the real thing.

neither do a lot of popular drum sounds, that's a factor that makes
emulation easier

andy butler