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Re:Re: Percussive Sounds on El. Guitar

>But here is the big advice from what I have learned:  If one is 
>trying to create the "sounds" of drums, be that of kick snare, 
>hi-hat etc. , then you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

Hi Max,
While I agree wholeheartedly that your approach is a good way to go,
I have to disagree that it's all that hard to emulate sounds that are 
close enough to a drum kit to function in the same way.

represents what I found possible using a cheap multi-FX
(though like you, I mostly make percussive sounds just by playing 

To emulate a kick drum, using technique (& maybe FX) is a lot of fun,
and also leads to the discovery of a whole range of sounds.
...not "disappointment" ;-) , well not for me anyway.

>   The sounds coming off the gtr really do not sound like the real thing.

neither do a lot of popular drum sounds, that's a factor that makes 
emulation easier

andy butler