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Re: House Concerts - how to pull it off (was: Re: The Dark Age)

A couple of quick thoughts:
1. Ask people to bring food/snacks
2. $5-$10 works (it's ALWAYS a donation)
3. Depends on the neighborhod but if you become friends with the 
neighborhood or
set it up so the neighborhood benfits, well then, there's no problem
4. Word of mouth gets performers in the door.  Build it and they will 
come (and
you'll probably have to beat them away with a stick)
5.  Don't neglect artisty things as well (songwriting sessions with the 



Quoting Per Boysen <per@boysen.se>:

> On 17 feb 2006, at 20.57, David Small wrote:
>> I'd very much like to start a thread on house concerts. This may  not 
>be the
>> proper forum, but we're outfitting a small stage and performance  venue 
>> our home that will seat 35-to-40 people. All proceeds, after we pay  the
>> musicians, will go to charity. This is in the suburbs of Houston,  
>> Anyone else out there with experience in this kind of thing? If so,  
>> is fair admission fee? any hassles with neighborhood associations? do
>> you serve food? how do you go about identifying performers? I'll be
>> glad to share what we've collected (articles, advice, etc.) with  anyone
>> who is interested. Best.
>> David
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> http://www.houseconcerts.org/
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