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Re: Midi control of audio routing for Mobius

> On 17 feb 2006, at 19.32, Luca Formentini wrote:
>> Are you passing all your signal through live mixer ?

On 17 feb 2006, at 20.27, Per Boysen wrote:
> Yes, sometimes.

I have to jump in here to make myself clear. If you meant the direct  
instrument (live input) signal I do not run it through any software  
at all. The reason for that is to stay out of phasing problems caused  
by latency. When writing the post I was thinking that you meant the  
signals coming out of Mobius (my live looping), and these signals I  
do of course pass through the mixer in Ableton Live. To me that's the  
point of using Live, as a plain mixer and routing patch-bay for audio  
and MIDI control data.

Greetings from Sweden

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