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Re: Cheap bass floor keyboard?

Stuart Wyatt wrote:

> I'm trying to find a way to include a 1 octave+ midi floor keyboard into
> my setup. I think I'm desxtrous enough on the old violin to be able to
> duet using my feet - thus allowing the loops to develop much quicker - as
> well as being able to kick in a full sound inbetween loops.
> The Korg etc. models that are identical to the bass pedals on organs are
> hugely overpriced, thus ruling them out for the moment.

Not only that, but they sell on evilBay used for as much as, or more 
than, the price you pay new at a music store!  ...because they're 
"rare."  (HA!!)  I bit the bullet and bought the Roland PK-5A, using my 
10% band member discount.  I'm in a band with an employee of that music 
store and get an extra 10% off of what Joe Blow has to pay.

My take on the matter is;
Pedals (at least the Roland model I bought) are not a popular item so 
they are expensive.  Typically, they are not a stock item and you have 
to wait about a month to get them.  (Low demand and even lower 
availability.)  People who need them, may as well pay for new pedals 
because I've seen no deals in the used market.