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Re: Looping AABA tunes (Was: How do YOU loop?)

On Feb 13, 2006, at 3:22 PM, Todd Pafford wrote:

> You could do something like this in Mobius.  In fact, I think any
> looper that manipulates mutliple tracks (Mobius, the new Looperlative,
> Repeater, etc.) can do this.  Just record the groove parts to track 1,
> A part to track 2, multiply/overdub as you like to those tracks, mute
> track2 (A part), record B part on track 3, overdub/solo, mute track 3,
> unmute/restart track2 for the finish.  Classic ABA form.

Another technique that doesn't require multiple tracks would be to write
a script that does an instant LoopCopy/Sound from the current loop  
into the next loop,
but then returns you to the original loop.  So once you've got the  
groove built up,
hit the InstantCopy switch before overdubbing the A section.  Then
when you're ready to use NextLoop, you'll have a copy of the original
groove without the overdub.