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Re: Looping AABA tunes (Was: How do YOU loop?)

I've managed a seamless ABA setup using my two Echo Pro's in the past, and
am hoping to set up again in the next day or two... so as this is from
memory, forgive me if my mind is telling me wrong things :)

The two units are on different midi channels, and a patch is set up on the
FCB1010 to 'switch' loopers - which basically sends a REC/PLAY/STOP signal
to them both.

Hit Rec for looper A, then get it into play/overdub mode. Once you have
recorded the basis for the A part and move on, hit the 'switch' patch. It
sends the Rec/Play/Stop signal to both of the loopers. As looper A is
playing, it stops. If looper B is empty, it starts recording - or if it
already has a loop in memory, it starts playing. Press the 'switch' button
again, and looper B stops, and looper A kicks in etc. etc.

I need to dig out the midi specs of the Echo Pro (are they available
online still?), but I think there is a REC/STOP/PLAY option too, which
simplifies the initial buildup of an ABA composition. Hit Rec for Looper
A, Press the patch for REC/STOP/PLAY for both, and Looper A immediately
stops, and looper B goes into record.

The same concept could be used for any Midi looping setup and a bit of
patience programming the old 1010.

- Stu