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Re: Roland guitar synth future

At 3:59 PM -0800 2/12/06, Mark Hamburg wrote:
>I wish that when Roland/Boss did their set of hex-pickup enabled 
>pedals, that they would have done a GR100 (hex fuzz + hex filter) in 
>a pedal. I've never played one, but the architecture sounds ideal 
>for people who want to use conventional guitar techniques.

Perhaps try looking around for the OC-20g PolyOctave stompbox?  It's 
one of the two GK-effect stompboxes that came out from Boss (the 
other being the WP-20g Wave Processor).  Never played one myself, but 
I tripped over it while researching the Wave Processor.  I was 
somewhat surprised to see they'd incorporated a distortion/fuzz 
element to it.

Here's how the Harmony Central product release blurb described it:

"The OC-20G Poly Octave is the world's first polyphonic octave pedal, 
capable of producing string-assignable octave effects , unique 
non-native guitar simulations, and even onboard distortion for 
getting ultra-heavy tones. Thanks to the GK Pickup input, the OC-20G 
can produce octaves for various combinations of strings-like the 5th 
and 6th strings-while leaving the other four strings unprocessed for 
cool simulated guitar/bass combos. Six guitar simulations are also 
provided, including three acoustic guitar simulations and three 
electric guitar simulations that will have audience members 
scratching their heads. Finally, onboard distortion can be activated 
to produce a thick "new-school" metal sound with bass an octave 

It's discontinued over here in the States now (funny, they still seem 
to be producing 'em in Japan), so they're probably easy to find on 
the cheap if you've already got a GK pickup installed.


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