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Looping AABA tunes (Was: How do YOU loop?)

At 07:23 AM 2/12/2006, Andy wrote:
>The "big problem" with looping is to combine some sort of ABC type 
>structure with loops that have a number of overdubs. After the A is 
>built up, it usually sounds like an anticlimax to start a B part 
>from nothing. There's no looping device available to let you keep 
>the rhythm from the A part going as you  start to record the B part.

I play tunes that have AABB or AABA structure.  What I'd like to do 
is something like this live:

1. Put down a 2-4 bar groove.

2. Multiply the groove and overdub the head of the AABA tune.

3. Overdub the chord changes.

4. Put in rhythm fills every 8 bars and on the turnaround.

5. Here's the tricky part: With one pedal press, undo #2 _only_ and 
go into overdub to start soloing over the tune.

I can do each of the steps above on the EDP except for the last one.

Is anybody doing anything like this?  If so, how are you doing it?