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RE: Was Rodrigo y Gabriela /Pickups for classical guitars

At 04:18 AM 2/12/2006, Lius wrote:
>I have
>never used a magnetic,do you think this would be a
>better option than a piezo?

It depends on how you want to sound and whether you're using nylon or 
steel strings. A magnetic pickup is only going to work on steel strings.

Whenever electricity's involved, your sound will be compromised.  The 
best acoustic guitar sound is always unamplified.  Second best is a 
couple of studio-quality microphones.  After that it's a matter of 
taste.  A magnetic pickup on an acoustic guitar will sound a bit like 
a jazz electric hollowbody guitar.  A piezo transducer will sound 
harsh in the upper ranges and kind of crinkly.  An internal 
microphone is good but won't pick up well all the delicate sounds of 
fingernail against string, and will be lower-range by comparison with 
the piezo.  For these reasons, people will choose combinations of 
magnetic pickup, transducer and/or internal mic as well as preamps 
and mini-mixing systems.

The best judge here is going to be your own two ears. Because of all 
the acoustic compromises, your choice is going to depend on your 
venue and your own style of music.