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Re: ted's new address


Hokay, boys and girls, let's put on our whirly caps and step into the magic time machine with
Uncle Ted. I think you mentioned that one to me once before. Didn't you? Let me check the
LD Archives.

Yep. Here it is:

Message dated 7/4/04 1:52:37 AM, erwill@suitandtieguy.com writes:

>Emusic.com is my favorite.

And I replied:

All that string of type has followed my "signature" for a while now.
Yes, CDbaby is the outfit that got me the bulk of that distribution.
They haven't come through with an Emusic connection for me yet though.
I have no idea why. Maybe Emusic has better taste than that.

Now . . . back to the future . . . or present (as it were):

I think it has something to do with not really wanting to GIVE AWAY what I and others are trying
pretty hard to sell elsewhere. It hardly makes much sense to have my music up for purchase on
iTunes and TowerRecords.com if someone can just go to Emusic and download my whole CD
as 10 of the 50 FREE downloads you get when you join (or for only 25 cents after joining).

I don't sell a lot of CDs but I do sell some. Same goes with digital downloads. I give away plenty
of CDs as gifts and promotional swag anyway. Jeff Kaiser who owns and runs the pfMENTUM
label would probably not appreciate my undercutting his label price by THAT much either. And,
I suspect that the 50 FREE and 25 CENTS PER SONG THEREAFTER terms were counter to
CDBaby's digital distribution business aims too. Why give a sweeter minimum pricing deal
to an outfit like Emusic than it gives to Apples iTunes for gosh sake?

I do think Emusic might perhaps be a nice place to start if I didn't have any other connections.
But, however, I do have other connections and distribution options already in place. Putting
my tunes up at Emusic now (it seems to me) would only undercut those with whom I've already
gone into a sort of "partnership" relationship with. I can't think of a single good reason why I
would want to do that.

Best Regards,

Ted Killian
1811 Patrick Street
Medford Oregon, 97504
Tele: 541.608.7143
Cell: 541.890.6225

On Jan 28, 2006, at 4:23 PM, Suit & Tie Guy wrote:

On Jan 28, 2006, at 5:07 PM, tEd kiLLiAn wrote:
Ted Killian's "Flux Aeterna" is also available at: Apple iTunes,
BuyMusic, Rhapsody, MusicMatch, MusicNet, DiscLogic, Napster,
AudioLunchbox, Lindows, QTRnote, Music4Cents, Etherstream,
RuleRadio, EMEPE3, Sony Connect, CatchMusic, Puretracks,
and Viztas. Yadda, yadda, yadda. Blah, blah, blah. So???

why not emusic?
Eric Williamson