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RE: LONG LIVE the EDP and the LOOPERLATIVE was: edp R.I.P ...long live the looperlative

I second that sentiment.

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Subject: LONG LIVE the EDP and the LOOPERLATIVE was: edp R.I.P ...long
live the looperlative

I wanted to chime in on this thread if it's alright with everyone:

I had the distinct pleasure of helping Steve to debut the Looperlative at
and can say that I'm very excited about the prospects and the future growth
of this amazing instrument.

I've only had one in working order for less than two weeks and it is really
an amazing
and groundbreaking looper.    Many thanks to Bob Amstadt for creating it 
the open minded and serving attitude that he has about it's just beginning
group of loyal
users.   Thanks also to Steve for a wonderful video introduction to the
unit.  I learned a few things
from his presentation.

That being said and done,  I think it does great disservice to this
community to have a thread
titled  edp R.I.P.............long live the looperlative.

I have to go on record and say that I love the EDP!   It is an astonishing
and completely unique digital instrument:
one that is so complex that I"m still learning how to use it.     It has
created a lot of unprecedented musical
innovation in this community and in the world at large.     I can't imagine
the very, very beautiful and sophisticate musics
of Andre LaFosse, Andy Butler and Matthias Grob (to name just a few) 
this instrument.

And just like the Stratocaster, the Les Paul and some state of the art
Digital Modelling Guitar..................or like
the MAC,  the PC or the hardware based solutions for live looping:      
hard to compare apples and oranges.

The EDP is an amazing and very, very deep
instrument..........................it doesn't do what the Looperlative can
but by the same token,  the Looperlative will probably never have the same
feature sets that the EDP has or the Repeater
has..........................they are different instruments.

I've had many, many offlist letters from loopers saying 'Should I dump my
EDP and buy a Looperlative" and I have answered
everyone with the same answer:   "Save up and buy a Looperlative,  you'll 
glad you did, but hang on to your EDP.................
it does uniquely what no other looper has done and it will always have
musical value as such.

I am a proud user and endorser of the Looperlative (and just learning it).
I've been a proud endorser and user  of the EDP (and still learning it) and
, for all of it's flaws,  I am a proud user of the Electrix Repeater and 
Line 6 DL-4, stomp box looper.

One instrument doesn't have to die for another to live.  One style of music
doesn't have languish in order for another to thrive.

Long Live the EDP (and thank you Matthias, Kim Flint, Andy Butler, Claude
Voit and all of the amazing people who produced it).
Long Live the Looperlative (and thank you Bob Amstadt, Steve Lawson and all
the people who will help develop it)
Long Live the Repeater (and all who have developed it)
Long Live all the incredible live looping hardware and software solutions
that have made our community so strong and creatively vital.

The more instruments we have.........the more diversity they
represent............the stronger our community will be.

yours,    Rick Walker