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Re: Looperlative demo online...

On Jan 26, 2006, at 3:09 AM, Luis Angulo wrote:
> I am curious, if Electrix and Gibson had problems
> supporting this devices for financial reasons how is
> Bob financing all of this being a one man company???

electrix's problems all stem from having completely unreasonable goals 
vis a vis CF memory implementation, LPA, intelligent tempo finding, 

gibson's problems are well-discussed in the archives of this list. 
you'll find they have absolutely nothing to do with wether people would 
buy it or not. if you remember there was a period of time when they 
simply would not pay the outsourced supplier for the EDPs which were 
contracted to be delivered.

gibson's problem in supporting the device is really non-existant at 
this time, other than an inability to see that it needed to updated.

you may be surprised to see what one guy can do in his basement. check 
out the boutique synthesis market ... _plenty_ of that over there.
Eric Williamson